RoboCup 2004 – Portugal

Robo 4 Kids

It’s obvious: Kids that have early contact with technical toys, literature and tv programs will grow an early interest in these things. It is important to let children do their own experiments so that they are able to find their own solutions for problems they recognize in building and bringing something to work.
Lego Technics is a very good start for children who are curious about building more challenging things than just simple Lego towers and houses for example. If your kid is already building up parts quickly, then you should consider giving it a more complex toy to build up, even if the package says it’s for older children. Parents often find out, that their kids are able to do much more difficult tasks than the ones that are recommended for their age group.

Also important: If you let your children watch TV, make sure they’re not watching stuff that will harm them. That also includes TV shows for kids that are just a useless waste of time and have no educational worth at all. Especially cartoons are harmful most of the time, they are able to bring your kid off the track and result in bad habbits such as disinterest in learning new stuff and creating something own, but watch TV all the time and feel the need of getting all the stuff the advertisements tell them that are a „must have“.

If your children are interested in building Robots, then don’t thwart them. Give them everything they need to understand what Robots are about, help them build up their first Robot and make sure they get all the information they need to understand the technics behind Robots.

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