RoboCup 2004 – Portugal

About RoboCup

The RoboCup federation

RoboCup has been established in 1997 and it’s registered in Switzerland as an international organization.

The main idea was to create such intelligent robots, who may win against the human soccer world cup in 2050. But more over it`s about to advance the state of intelligence and also create robots based on the needs of our society.

RoboCup contains four different themes

  • RoboCup soccer – The robots are focused on creating teams and develop competitive behaviour and strategies.
  • RoboCup Rescue – The main issue is to save people. With the help of other robots, which shall negotiate the environment, the robot should be able to work in extreme situation which men cannot stand easily.
  • Robocup @Home – As a replacement for a nurse, the robot is responsible for elderly care or disabled persons.
  • RoboCup Junior – For young people it`s a challenge and also motivation to get a basic knowledge of engineering, technology, maths and science, while creating an autonomous robot.

RoboCup organizes regional and international competitions in all fields. The RoboCup community evolves the new creations and also publishes the new advances to the world.
The RoboCup community is seperated into National Committees, Organizing Committee, Technical Committee and Trustees& Execs. The National Committees represents 23 countries of the world right now.

The competitions are divided into RoboCup Junior and RoboCupMajor Leagues. More over the RoboCup Federation offers seminars and summer school for young people in Europe.
All publications of the World Cups, new discovers can be found by Springer-Verlag. The latest has been the RoboCup 2010, Robot Soccer World Cup XIV, published 2011.

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