RoboCup 2004 – Portugal


RoboCop 2004 was a great event! We were all very glad to be part of this great convention. And we want to thank all visitors and guests for joining our great fun!

RoboCup 2004 in Lisbon – Artificial Soccer Stars of the Future

They are small, they look different but they know how to kick – every year hundreds of robots compete in the so called RoboCup against each other. 2004 this cup took place in Lisbon, Portugal. In eight different Soccer related disciplines fought the AIs for the win and presented their advanced technology to an excited crowd.

Kicking like professionals:
Even so they were not so precise or fast like human players, the robot kicker proofed that an AI can be able to play a complex game like Soccer. While in the 2D and for the first time ever in the 3D Simulation Cup the artificial sports-teams competed only virtually there were also four different challenges where the audience could see real robots running, aiming and kicking the ball to the goal. In a Small Size, a Middle Size, a Four Legged and a Humanoid Cup robot teams from all over the world competed. Except for the players in the Small Size Cup which required an over-all control from a computer-server, the robots in the other leagues were able to communicate wireless with each their team-members and needed no human help. One of the highlights was a penalty kick in the Humanoid Cup defended by the goal keeper of the Japanese team Vision while in the Four Legged League the “Aibos” called dog-robots of the German Team astonished the fans with their unexpected high speed.

Soccer isn’t everything:
Even if the main part of the RoboCup were the different Soccer Games the robots could proof in two special leagues that they were able to do much more than playing games. In two Rescue Cups the artificial teams had to analize a simulated catastrophic environment and needed to search for survivors on their own. In the future all of the robots are supposed to act in a real catastrophe as a support and the way isn’t so far as it might sound. Some of the presented robots are already used in real life situations. The rest of them do what they love to do – playing Soccer almost as good as professionals Soccer stars.

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